M.E.N.'s GOAL is to provide the tools and resources needed for  effective and productive ways to deal with anger, stress and other relationship challenges.

Both the 24-hour hotline and the three M.E.N. groups are facilitated by collective members. These facilitators were either clients of M.E.N. in the past, or community members interested in working with men. They are supported by a licensed clinician who meets with the collective members off site. 

The first step is to call the hotline at 707-528-2MEN (2636). You will be able to talk in confidence with one of the collective members, many who have "been there."  After an initial conversation, you and a M.E.N. collective member will determine what resources would be good for you. 

Once that has been determined, you may attend one of the Stop the Violence (STV) groups, which are held in Petaluma on Monday nights and Santa Rosa on Wednesday nights.

You will learn:

  • how to recognize your anger and stop abusive behavior, instead of allowing your anger to control you.
  • how to recognize and separate yourself from situations that can lead to abusive behavior.
  • how to work out problems and conflicts by improving yourcommunication skills.
  • how to feel better about yourself, and connect with other men committed to changing their lives.
  • how to regain the trust of family members subjected to your abusive behavior.

The ​Skills Building group is open to men who have completed STV and learned how to avoid abusive behavior.  The Skills Building group provides an opportunity to strengthen your ability to use your new tools so that they become more automatic. This group provides on-going support where men can explore their issues at a deeper level.  After completing Skilla, some men decide to become a member of the M.E.N. Collective, where they continue to be supported in their personal work while helping others. 

How M.E.N. Helps

My relationship is much better. I have some real intimacy and love in my life for a change."