"We fought all the time and the kids were avoiding me. When I called the M.E.N. hotline, it was the beginning of my understanding how my violence was ruining my life, and how I could change."
 Always ready to listen, to offer effective alternatives...in complete confidence.  

PO Box 566
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

    Men Evolving Non-Violently (M.E.N.) is a non-profit organization operating in Sonoma County, California.  It was founded in 1979 to address the issues of abuse of women and children, and made up of a volunteer collective of men, many whom were once clients themselves.  M.E.N. is a one-of-a-kind program that offers several services to help men who have decided they want to change their abusive or unproductive behavior. 


24 hour hotline - 707-528-2MEN (2636)
Staffed by collective members, the hotline offers confidential support to callers in crisis. It provides resource information to men and their family members. 

Stop the Violence (STV) - Peer-led weekly groups located in Santa Rosa and Petaluma.

Skills Building - Peer-led weekly group located in Sebastopol for graduates of STV.

Speakers Bureau -
 Collective members are available to speak to schools, civic groups, churches, public agencies, etc. on issues relating to domestic violence. 

      CALL M.E.N. IF YOU

  • are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • are experiencing unresolved domestic (or other) conflict.
  • realize your behavior is intimidating, or harmful to yourself or your family.
  • want more information about M.E.N. groups.
  • want to volunteer time or resources to M.E.N.
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